What to Look for When Searching for a Car Maintenance Garage

What to Look for When Searching for a Car Maintenance Garage

Regardless of the make or model, your car needs to be regularly serviced, and if you are currently looking for a local garage to maintain your car, there is much to consider. Here are a few important aspects of car maintenance to take into account when looking for a service agent.

  1. Manufacturer Approved – If, for example, you drive a Toyota, there is top-rated Canberra car service from a garage that is approved by Toyota, and all the technicians have been trained to a very high standard to work only on Toyota vehicles. A general car repair garage might not have mechanics that are experienced with your make and model, so do be careful when searching for a local garage.
  2. Free Car Loans – Some garages will offer customers a free loan of a vehicle until their car is finished, which does allow you to carry on with your busy schedule, and this is a service that many large garages offer as a free service.
  3. Genuine Parts – Some small garages might be tempted to make a little extra money by using parts that are not genuine, and the only way to be sure that the new components are, in fact genuine, is to take your car to an approved garage.
  4. Offering Top Facilities – The garage should have a state-of-the-art workshop, where all the specialist equipment is stored and used to carry out the servicing. Look for an established garage that has a good reputation within the local community, which is one way of ensuring quality work.
  5. Qualified Technicians – The modern vehicle is very complex and it does require a qualified technician in order to correctly service the car. Any young person who wishes to become a Toyota technician would first have to undergo a long apprenticeship under expert supervision, at least until they have qualified.
  6. Guaranteed Work – For obvious safety reasons, you do need to be 100% certain that your car is serviced by qualified technicians, so do check that the garage in question does, in fact, employ only trained staff.
  7. Customer Focused – What you want from a vehicle servicing garage is an all-inclusive price for the service, plus a reliable date and time that the vehicle will be ready for collection. The desired ‘can do’ attitude should be evident from the first moment of contact, to the time when you collect your car, and you can expect to receive a reminder of when the next service is due.

You certainly don’t want to take any chances with your car, and by searching online for an established garage that is experienced with your make of car, you can rest assured that the work will be carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Don’t be tempted to overrun these service intervals, as this could make your vehicle warranty void, so keep your eye on the mileage and make sure you make an online booking a few days before the planned service.



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