The Importance of Keeping an Eye on Your Tire Pressure When Driving

The Importance of Keeping an Eye on Your Tire Pressure When Driving

Truck drivers should drive sensibly and safely along the road. This is a sure way to ensure that everyone is safe on the roads. Very crucial for road safety is truck maintenance procedures. It is suggested and highly recommended that truck drivers carry out some pre-trip inspection of their trucks prior to their journey every day.

An 18-wheeler accident attorney , Greg Baumgartner who is based in Texas, is of the opinion that taking this measure reduces the likelihood of accidents. Of course, there are consequences for not carrying out this safety routine.

You should ensure that the tractor and trailer tires are properly inflated. This is a necessary safety measure that will not only reduce the chances of a crash occurring, but which also improves fuel efficiency.

By properly inflating your tires, you get to increase their lifespan. This will save you unnecessary expenditure in that, you don’t get to replace tires that wore out before their time. This will also eliminate tire fatigue, which is another prominent cause of road accidents. It saves you the stress of replacing tires on a regular basis.

Some drivers do only a visual inspection of their truck tires, but that is hardly enough. With only visual inspection, you are likely to miss out on small punctures or cracks in the tire that you cannot see merely with your eyes. It is then important and highly recommended that you use a properly calibrated air pressure gauge for this.

While it is important to check for the pressure, there are other things that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check out for the tread on the tire. Inspect the sides of the tire as well for any sort of damage that could result in fatigue.

When vehicle tires are under-inflated, it is difficult to maintain and keep them in the right shape. More of the tire won’t be in contact with the road if they are constantly used below the right pressure. A report released recently showed that tires that are as little as six psi under-inflated have a tendency to end up in a tire failure and are four times more likely to cause a crash.

Don’t Overinflate Tires…

It is not just under-inflated cars that have proven to be dangerous, over-inflated cars are too. Over-inflation causes tires to be hard and stiff. With the stiffness, when they drive over hard objects, they get easily damaged. For this reason, you should ensure that your tire pressure is optimal.

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