A Guide to Preparing your Car for the Annual MOT Test

A Guide to Preparing your Car for the Annual MOT Test

For any car that is 3 years or older, the annual MOT test is a necessary requirement, and rather than booking the vehicle in and taking your chances, it makes sense to spend a few minutes checking relevant aspects to ensure a trouble-free MOT inspection. Giving your car a pre-MOT inspection would include the following:

  • Check that both the brakes and the handbrake are in good working order.
  • Check front and rear lights, brake and reversing lights, along with the small bulbs that illuminate the registration plate. Indicators should also work, as well as the hazard warning lights and, of course, the horn.
  • Steering and suspension – Any issues should be repaired.
  • Seatbelts should work properly.
  • Tyres – The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and there should be no bulges or tears on the tyre sidewalls.
  • Windscreen, wipers and washers – Make sure there is water in the washer bottle, otherwise the car will fail the MOT test. The windscreen should have no cracks or large chips.
  • Mirrors – Rear view and wing mirrors must be in working order.

The MOT tester will also walk around the car, looking for signs of rust or any sharp edges that could injure a pedestrian, and providing all is well, your car is roadworthy for another 12 months.

Once you have checked all of the above (and carried out necessary repairs), book the car into affordable MOT services in Exeter and the car should pass with flying colours. In the event the car fails, the car can be retested free of charge providing it is returned within 7 days.

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