Tips on Buying Certified and Reliable Used Cars

Tips on Buying Certified and Reliable Used Cars

No doubt you have made your mind up to buy a used car, after being sick of traveling on the bus everyday, to work or college, and you want to gain your independence. For whatever reason, you will want a car that will get you from one place to another and back again. More than likely, the route of getting a certified reliable used car will be the route that you want to go down.

There are many benefits to looking at certified used cars, and some people are opting to choose this type of car over buying a new model. Certified cars undergo rigorous testing, checking different parts of the car, to ensure that it is sound. They will check such things as the original engine parts and if any replacement parts have been added to the car since it was first registered – they will also check the wear and tear of these parts, to ensure that the car is consistent. The main things about this type of car is that is it will be more expensive than a typical car that you would buy from a friend or independent seller; if you are unsure of the inner workings of how a car works, then this could be a good option for you.

Certified cars also carry warranties, which means that previous work carried out on them, before it has been sold to you, will be of high quality and has to pass specified inspections, making this type of car more reliable. If you are looking to finance such a car from a dealership, or leasing company, then you will also find it a little easier for them to say yes to your deal, as they will be able to see that the car is going to last and has been given a suitable rating for it to last for the foreseeable future. More so, when you buy a used car with certification, you will be able to buy the make, model and colour of car that you want without the immediate depreciating value that a new one would cost you once you have driven it off the fore-court. When you are looking at certified cars, be sure to understand what is included and what each individual dealer believes to be checked and included in a certified used car, as some will not include certain areas of the car, whereas others will.

The main question you will want to have at the back of your mind, when you walk into a dealership then, is whether the car is actually certified and to what extent does this certification cover the car for you when you buy it. For a car to be certified it must pass a number of independent checks, the car must pass an inspection by an experienced and certified mechanic, it will need to be under 10 years old, not have more than 75,000 miles, and have been with the same owner for at least one year. However, you’ll find that many dealers will offer a 100 point inspection before selling the car to you.

When you are looking to buy a certified used car, you should remember some of the tips above and also know that you should go to a reliable dealership who has a good reputation for selling used cars. You should make sure that the information contained within the inspection you understand from each dealership, and that you are happy that such an inspection means that you shouldn’t have too many problems with your first used car.

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