Londoners and their Passion with Honda Motorbikes

Londoners and their Passion with Honda Motorbikes

It comes across as a surprise to find the special passion that Londoners have for Honda motorbikes. A brief look at the motorbikes traversing the streets of this city will confirm this claim. It is not that other companies do not manufacture good motorbikes. There are so many to choose from such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, BMW, Lexmoto, and some others. However, whenever you select a motorbike manufactured by a different company and choose one from Honda, in the same price range, you will always find that the latter has additional functionalities. It might be the styling of the two-wheeler or the miles per litre performance or even the seat height of the motorbike. Let us check the 125CC segment of a number of motorbikes manufactured by different brands to find out the difference. We shall compare the Honda CB125F with the Yamaha R125, both of which are 125CC motorbikes.

The tank of the Yamaha can store 11.5 liters of fuel and the company claims that the average fuel consumption is 35 moles per liter. The claimed top speed is 75-80 miles per hour. The price of the basic model is £4,800.00. In stark contrast, the Honda CB125F costs £2,799.00 (without services). You have a choice of three different colors with the Honda, whereas the Yamaha only offers two. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda is slightly less at 11 liters, but that should not make any difference. The fuel consumption of the Honda is 41 miles per liter of fuel, making it more fuel-efficient than the Yamaha. There are many other comparisons in which the Honda beats Yamaha hands down. Even the most ardent Yamaha fan will agree that the Honda is a better value for money.

But why travel on motorbikes

Traveling in public transport is not without risk, ever since the appearance of the Coronavirus. You might take the extreme precaution of donning head masks, face masks, and gloves, and yet remain unprotected from the deadly virus in a congested metro or bus. While we recommend that you adhere to all safety norms even while driving the Honda motorbike, the helmet (with visor) available on Motoden’s online shop along with the gloves, provides an additional layer of security. You will find much other stuff in the store such as leg cover and safety clothing, suitable for motorbike drivers. Did I forget to mention that Honda manufactures an excellent and affordable range of scooters as well?
Visit the website of Motoden to find out more about the different types of Honda motorbikes, and find out why they are much better than the competition. Contact Motoden today and purchase the motorbike of your choice today. You will be glad you did. By the way, if you search for Honda motorbike dealers in London, you will find the name Motoden at the top of the search results.

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