Hyundai i30 N: The Every Day Sports Car for You

Hyundai i30 N: The Every Day Sports Car for You

With the recent craze for the hatchbacks, any other category of vehicles can get only a specific segment of customers to cater to. That is the reason we find more auto making companies are into releasing hatchback models in comparison to other categories. Among them the segment of sports cars even though never subsided in popularity didn’t have a mass sector of buyers each time a model gets added to it. Even then there are some confident brands who do dare to release a handful of sports car models , and Hyundai is one such name.

Among all the Hyundai cars that got released this year in 2019, we found the i30 N, to be a model through which Hyundai could effectively translate its success story, and if you visit any reputable Hyundai showroom like that of the Toms River Hyundai dealer, you will form the same opinion, once you see and observe it from a close range.

Styling and Design

With the new Hyundai i30 N rolling on road, people passing around can’t overlook its presence from any angle. The design shows that Hyundai made a brave attempt in touching the hearts of people who aspires to own something unique. Fitted on 19inch wheels, the i30 N sits 8 mm lower than its standard hatchback version. The exterior of the car looks elegant because of the subdued body kit it wears while using an adaptive suspension that is easily configurable through the four driving modes.

The sporty styling is derived from the aesthetic sense that makes Hyundai stand apart from many of its competitors. The ‘cascading grille’ that catches your first glimpse with that ‘solid stance’ is now one of the main reasons that tempt the buyers to keep looking at the car for a while. Parallelly, the side seals speak loudly of the Sporty design while the rear bumper merging smoothly with the front bumper harmonizes the entire getup.

The Comfort Cabin

The cabin of the i30 N is all about aesthetics wedded to creature comforting components. The cabin is equally inviting for both the driver and the passengers. The cockpit is all about achieving the maximum control on the car, so that it never steps out of the comfort zone. The ergonomics in the cabin is mostly driver oriented, that constantly keeps the driver feel connected to the car at every point of journey.

The Sporty Spirit

Hyundai’s i30 N is a powerful sports car that is torque-rich and turbocharged through its 1998cc generating Theta GDI petrol engine that is perfectly mated to a six-speed gearbox transmission. The powertrain breathes in and peps up the sporty spirit by delivering a drive that never compromise on performance while the luxury inside the cabin stays attuned through all terrain driveways. To attain this much confident move at every turn Hyundai had to keep the front axle lonely with the help of a limited-slip differential that is electronically controlled.

We got the clue from the Hyundai dealer serving Toms River, that customizability is the central point of attraction while driving the Hyundai i30 N. Right from the suspension to the throttle response of the car, the Hyundai i30 N is fun to drive for its rev-matching functionality and undefeatable performance.

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