Use armored limousine for your VIP guests

Use armored limousine for your VIP guests

Armored cars are used for the protection of VIPs because they have latest technological safety features which are installed in the car. This car is specially designed for defending any kind of attack because its essential safety features protect someone who sits inside of the car.  Armored limousine manufacturers – Inkas Limos design the vehicle for high profile individuals like political figures, world leaders, business sponsors, and VIPs for protecting them from various dangerous attacks when they want to travel outside of the house.

Features of armored limousine

Bullet proof glass – window glass and front glass of every car is used to protect from air and sunlight. But in armored limousine glass also works as a bullet proof covering for protecting VIPs from the bullet during sudden attacks. These glasses are durable and work against any kind of bullet so VIPs can feel more comfortable and secure when they travel in armored limousine.

Comfortable seats – leather seats are installed in the armored limousine.  If you want to provide comfortable seating option to your VIPs guests then you can look for armored limousines. They feel more comfortable and can take rest after their long air journey. They also get more leg space in the car for feeling more comfortable during their travel.

Entertainment – if you want to create a good impression on others then armored limo is the best options. It has more space for carrying various numbers of people. So, you can also go on outings for having some fun with your lots of friends.  It also has televisions facility so you can also entertain yourself and your VIP guests in the armored limo. It also consists of WI-FI service so they can also connect their device from their device and enjoy at the time of traveling or can do their business related work as neede.

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