Tips to Reduce Your Automotive Emission

Tips to Reduce Your Automotive Emission

Automobile emissions is one reason pollution levels are quite high today. These emissions pollute the environment including the air we breathe, plants, water and soil. With eco-friendly cars available today, you can play your part in lowering automobile emissions.

If you wanted to take drastic action the biggest impact you could have is selling your car quickly and buying a brand new eco-friendly vehicle. Worried your car is too old to sell? Sell it to an automotive wrecker who will come and collect it from you. Find a local company just like Top Cash for Scrap Cars who operate in Newcastle.

If your car is not yet ready for the scrap heap and you do not wish to invest a new eco-friendly vehicle just yet, there are still a few things you can do to play your part:

Drive Moderately

Drivers are encouraged to drive moderately not only to save on fuel, but also to reduce auto emissions. Toxic emissions reduce when you operate the accelerator and the breaks softly. Don’t press them too hard as the harder you do, the more emissions.

Ensure Routine Maintenance

When a vehicle is not taken for routine maintenance, emissions increase and it keeps increasing. You can literally see smoke from the exhaust. This is dangerous to the vehicle and the environment. The fluids in the vehicle should be sufficient and any parts that needs to be changed replaced. Once the car is serviced, the mechanic schedules another maintenance. Adhere to the guidelines.

Get the Oil Replaced

When your engine oil is old or there is gunk in the engine, your car tends to have high emissions. Driving efficiently is not the solution in this case. For the sake of the car and the environment at large, the oil and the oil filter should be replaced depending on the kilometers you have covered. It is best to do this after every 5,000 kms or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Reduce Idling Time

When you leave your car idling, it continues emitting carbon dioxide even when it’s not necessary. This is something that you can avoid by switching it off rather than leaving it in idle mode. It’s a common thing with drivers when they are starting the engine in the morning or waiting for someone. It takes seconds to switch the car on and off.

Maintain the Air Filter Properly

Maintaining the air filter properly involves cleaning and replacing it when necessary. Cleaning should be done at least after every four months while a replacement should be done annually. In most cases, this is done by your mechanic during the maintenance schedule. With a clean air filter, you will significantly be reducing your car emission.

With automobile emissions, there is always something that you can do. By reducing the car idling time, ensuring routine maintenance and driving moderately, you will be playing your role in reducing damage the environment.



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