How To Find The Best Auto Body Parts For Your Car

If you have ever had auto problems or problems with your car then you probably already know about simple car shops like advanced and the simple car shops like that. You will want to go to all your sources when you need auto body supplies you will want to go to all the stores that you can if you are looking for a certain part for your car. If one store doesn’t have it then you just need to go on and go to the next store. If you cannot find it in any of those kinds of stores then you just need to go to a junk yard because when you are looking for a car part that is the place to find them.

The other place that you might want to check out will be body shops in general. A body shop might have what you are looking for if it is body work that you need to do yourself. They will be able to help you find it or the parts you need if they do not have the parts or cannot sell you them. You will always get some help from going to an auto body shop. If you do not get help or find what you are looking for at an auto body shop then you are not going to find it anywhere else besides a junk yard.

So if you are still looking for an auto body part or just a body part for a car in general then you needs to go find a junk yard. Where you find a junk yard you find what you are looking for or at least something to make it work for a little while until you can buy a brand new part. When you go to a junk yard or if you have already been to one you will be amazed at how many cars you will see when you first get there. The whole point to a junk yard is that they bring the broke or junk car to the junk yard and then they just sell the parts out of the cars to make extra money to run the junk yard. So if you are ever looking for spare parts for a car you may just find yourself needing to visit a junk yard.

If you still cannot find the part that you are looking for then you need to turn to the internet. On the internet you will be able to find any part that you can think of for any car just about. You can find most import parts and domestic parts online you just go to a major search engine and type in the name of your part and or the make and brand of your car and then you will have results popping up on the computer screen. If you still cannot find parts after all the advice that was given to you here then you may need to look into updating. Are you in Cuba?

After an Auto Accident, Looking for a New Car?

After an auto accident, it may be perhaps, sadly or happily you are in the market for a new car. Looking for a new car can be quite an adventure. Most people are not aware that autos are available online through sources such as eBay and Government auctions who specialize who in seized cars, SUVs, and trucks from all over the world. Auctions are held to sell the cars and may be purchased offline as well as online.

The savings you experience can actually run up to the thousands. These auctions offer a wide variety of cars, makes, models and years. All of these type of sites offer valuable information about each one and becomes a virtual online mall for car shopping for men, women and teens. Some teens have been able to convince their parents to purchase their new car in just such a manner since the cars are greatly reduced.

One must do their due diligence, however, especially to check out the car’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number to ensure the car has not been previously involved in a auto accident such as you yourself just experienced since it may have sustained heavy body damage which could lead to future problems.

If you are a young person, it is best to take an older, more experienced individual with you to purchase your new auto. Friends are great and wonderful support, but older adults have purchased vehicles for years and know the pitfalls of buying a new or used car. So, take a trusted source of autos with you, ask a lot of questions, and pick out a new vehicle that will last you for a few years. After an auto accident, if your car is completely totalled, is a good time to take stock of what you really need in a car.

How to Buy a Car at a Public Auto Auction

Professional auto dealers have been buying and selling at dealer only auto auctions for years. They enjoy the safely of having a clear and transferable title provided at the time of the purchase, as well as many other benefits. If this process is good for professional dealers…why aren’t you buying your car the same way?

Use an experienced, professional and licensed auction company

A car or truck requires a title to prove ownership prior to registering the vehicle to you by your state. A “clear title” means there is no loans or liens on the title. If there is a lien stated on the title, you must have a signed (and usually notarized) lien release from the lien holder. This can either be performed directly on the title itself, or with a separate lien release form. If you do not have the lien released, the lien Will remain on the title, and you will assume the responsibility of payment of that lien. Make sure the auction company understands title procedures. Their mistake will become your loss. Also, the auction company will normally collect all funds and disperse them to the seller and some other taxation recipients. Their failure to pay the funds may send you into a legal situation with the seller claiming ownership of the vehicle. As with any auction experience, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the auction and the purchase. You will be bound to them all by your participation in the auction.

What about financing the vehicle?

Normally, the seller will not provide any financing and the vehicle will require payment in full….most likely at the end of the auction. You will need to understand what the auction company will accept for payment. If you intend to finance the vehicle through your bank or some other 3rd party source, speak with the auction company days prior to the auction to find out if they will work with irrevocable bank letters of credit or any other arrangements. Quality public auctions will have a financing source on site for those buyers without their own source. You will be required to meet certain requirements to qualify, so speak with them days in advance.

Preview the vehicle

The auction company with allow you to look at the vehicle before the auction date. You will normally not be allowed to drive the vehicle due to liability and insurance reasons. You usually can her them run, check the air conditioning and other hands-on options and equipment. Look at the tires, the paint, the interior condition, under the car for leaks, under the hood for leaks, check for the spare tire and jack, notice any odors that may offend you (musty may reveal previous flood damage). This is your only chance to make sure you want the car. You will not be allowed to change your mind if you are the high bidder. The vehicles will be sold AS-IS and no bids may be rescinded. Ask the auction company if you can purchase a 3rd party warranty. This will protect you against large cost items such as engines and transmissions. You may hire a mechanic to come with you and check the vehicle out on preview day.

Online Auto Auction – Buy Cars at Low Prices and Avoid Scams

More and more people are buying their cars through online auto auction daily. The fact is that people are saving thousands of dollars simply by shopping through car auctions. Used car dealers use this method to find great deals on cars for low prices which they can, in turn, inflate the price on and sell at their local dealerships. One important thing to remember is that all sales are final when it comes down to online auto auction and you will have to be sure you know what you are bidding on before placing your online auto auction bid.

There are free online auction sites and sites where you purchase a membership for a small one-time fee that enable you to obtain information on these auctions. These sites offer instant access to large databases of online and conventional auctions across the United States as well as other developed nations. One example of free online auction site is eBay online car auction. This site is a well known name in the online auction business and they have an excellent car auction section. However, you need to know what you are buying as many of the vehicles are offered from individuals rather than businesses.

Knowing where to find online auto auction is only the start. The key thing that will help individuals benefit from the auctions is to know what to look out for. Here is a buying tip that will save you money and time. When bidding for a car you should always know your limit and that you’re not getting ripped off. If you see a car you like get the model and make. Do a search on private car sales and see if this car is cheaper to buy from the auction site or not. If it is then you’ll know how much you should be paying on the online auto auction site.

Another major aspect is the condition of the vehicle put up for sale in these auctions. Though majority of them are in good working condition, there may be one or two with hidden problems that lay people may or may not be able to identify. It is always wise to inspect the vehicle before bidding for it. One way is to learn how you can do simple vehicle inspection yourselves and the other is to bring along a mechanic when you are inspecting the vehicle. Lastly, get a CARFAX report to have an overview of the history of the vehicl

Auto Brokering – Solution to Car Buying Pain Or Just Another Middleman?

“Car salesman” is synonymous in the minds of many car buyers with “I’m going to deplete my bank account.” For good reason: car salesmen often seem to be highly trained in the art of separating buyers from their money. But in recent years, a process known as auto brokering has taken hold, at least in some parts of the retail car buying industry. It has not yet become wide-spread, but with the economic crisis that began in early 2008, more consumers sat up and began to take notice of vehicle brokering.

What is Auto Brokering?

At its most basic level, auto brokering is the practice of acting as a “go-between” for a retail consumer car buyer. The auto broker is given a type of vehicle that the buyer wishes to purchase–or simply a set of guidelines–and the broker goes out and finds the vehicle.

The auto broker is not limited to the franchise car dealerships, which tend to be more expensive, but searches other avenues such as:

  • Repossessions
  • Rental Returns
  • Lease Trade-Ins
  • Auctions

More prominent examples of auto brokers are CarsDirect, MyNextMotor, CarSmith Motors, and others. It should be noted that most auto brokers are local, rather than national, which means that any web search for an auto broker should be preceded by the name of the city where the buyer is located (i.e., [city] auto broker).

Where Do the Vehicles Originate?

Repossessions come from financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. These institutions hold liens on the vehicles. When the owner of the vehicle who has financed the loan defaults, the financial institutions repossesses the vehicle. At that point, the institution usually wants to get rid of the vehicle as soon as possible.

Rental returns come from rental companies such as Avis, Budget Rent-a-Car, Hertz, or local rental companies. When a vehicle is considered no longer a good property to rent out, the company sells it off.

Lease trade-ins are vehicles which are nearing or have completed the end of their lease contracts.

Any type of vehicle may be found at auction, including repossessions, returns, or lease trade-ins.

Pros and Cons of Auto Brokers

Auto brokers tend to work one-on-one with car buyers, seeking specific automobiles for their clients. In exchange, the buyer must pay the auto broker a flat fee. Often, this fee is paid up-front.

Pros of Auto Brokering

  • Individual service.
  • Flat fee more transparent than hidden charges often found at franchise dealerships.
  • Searches avenues (auctions, etc.) that ordinary car-buyers don’t know about or have access to.

Cons of Auto Brokering

  • Auto brokering not legally regulated in most states.
  • Up-front fee may or may not be returnable if car buyer not happy with the vehicle the broker has obtained.
  • Buyers usually unable to test drive vehicles before purchase.