Caring for Your Car

For many of us, an automobile is not something that is simply tossed to the side when it is in need of repair, it is something to be restored. Of course, not every automobile is going to be worthy of the restoration process but when you have the right car, it can really be something that you’re proud of. Since there are many different things that go into the overall restoration process, it’s important to consider some of the more important that may be involved. This is true, regardless of whether you are talking about restoring an old muscle car or if you are talking about restoring an antique that simply is to your liking.

One of the first things that is going to need to be done is that the car is going to need to be stripped to a certain extent so that the restoration can begin. In some cases, this is going to mean taking it down to the frame and doing any repairs that are necessary from that point up. There are many different types of repairs that can take place from this point, such as the panel repairs as well as any electrical repairs or repairs to any working parts of the automobile which can be done at this time.

After all of the repairs have taken place, it’s time to make the car look fantastic. There are many different options available to this but one of the most important things is that you need to start with the right type of base. Doing some sort of chemical stripping or otherwise getting rid of all of the rust and original finish is going to be important in making sure that the car looks great. You also need to consider the specific type of painting that is going to be done, such as the e-coating process, which is preferred by many car restoration companies. What is this process and how can it help you to have the finish that you want to have?

E-Coating is frequently used in the restoration industry when a superior finish is desired. The term itself is short for electropainting or electrophoretic lacquering in which the paint is deposited on the car in a very specific way. The parts that are being painted are going to be dipped into a vat that contains the paint or lacquer that is being applied and it is going to be electrified by a reaction that occurs on the surface that deposits the paint on the part properly. This is commonly used on larger parts, as it allows the paint to be deposited in such a way that smaller areas on the part are not missed.

Of course, this is only part of the overall process of restoring an automobile but these are parts that are really going to be noticed when all is said and done. One thing is certain, when you have the automobile restored properly, you’re going to have something that you can really be proud of.

Modern Car Body Repairing Techniques

The car may be in a very good condition, and fuel efficient, but after some years of use the car might need some necessary repairs. Its paint might be faded and it might have some scratches, cracks and dents that no amount of waxing can cover. There are some modern techniques used for car body repairs.

100% Auto Paint Match:
Whether the car needs whole body painting, spot painting for covering dents, or others, the new paint should match the original car paint 100%. To achieve this, the technique of photo spectrometer is used to analyze the original paint of your vehicle. Then, a computerized auto paint color match system is employed to find the true color that will match the original color of the car. After this, the painting is done carefully to achieve a flawless finish. Once the paint has dried, your car will surely look like it’s just freshly taken from a showroom.

Paint less Dent Repair (PDR):
Dents are commonly caused by impacts when your vehicle comes in contact with other cars or other hard surfaces. And the problem is, dents can sometimes occur at or near the angular or curve surfaces of the car, in this case they are very noticeable and harder to repair. Today, paint less dent removal method is already in use to solve these problems. Special tools are used to press, knead, or rub down on the affected part until it is back to its normal shape. This should be done while ensuring that the paint does not get damaged. And for those dents on hard-to-reach areas such as the edge of the car’s floor, fill and spray methods are used.

Body Frame Straightening:
For cars that experienced collision with another vehicle or object big enough to cause a longitudinal or lateral damage on the car’s frame, body frame straightening is required. A computerized tool is used in this process. An ultrasound technology measures the discrepancy of the frame alignment and then a laser is used to accurately align the frame back to its original shape.

SMART Repair:
his is a technique used to remedy a very small damage like a chipped or scratched paint. This is quite harder because only the small affected area should be sprayed accurately. It is very useful among brand new cars in which the damage may be conspicuous since the whole body is still glossy and newly painted. Some auto shops even offer a mobile service and perform this repair right at your home or office, so you won’t be waiting for long before you can use your car. Just check online to find one near your address.

Car Repair – Top Notch Automotive Service Available

If your vehicle is in need of any type of car repair, ranging from a tune up, routine oil changes, or even repairs such as a rebuilt transmission, then make sure to drop it off at the best auto shop available. There are countless amounts of mechanic garages all around, but plenty will rip you off and plenty more may not be properly qualified to provide the best service you need. To know how to find and select the best type of labor in this field, keep reading.

First off, do not take your vehicle to the garage because it has advertisements all over the place. Any business needs to be looked into a little bit before hiring. Take the time to find out some background information regarding the reputation of the place. Plenty of places can afford billboards, but that does not always mean topnotch labor is guaranteed.

If you stumble upon a really great coupon or special deal for a particular type of service, be sure to ask some friends or family members if they have sought the help of the shop in question. No discounted rate is worth multiple trips back to the garage.

In addition, if a particular location piques your interest or seems ideal, but the pricing seems high, check out the competition. If other businesses offer to take care of the same type of job for less and another place’s fee is far too high, then keep looking. There are a lot of drivers just like you that are anxious about taking their vehicles to the mechanic, for fear of being taken for a ride. Do not worry about this; just take a little time to scope out the competition. Know as much as you can about typical prices for specific jobs and you will be okay.

Ideally, we would all like to avoid trips to the auto shop as often as possible. Few things are as crucial as our cars, so make sure the job you need is taken care of right the first time. Call up and ask to speak to a representative of the garage. Ask about the standards of not just the business, but what the qualifications of the employed technicians are. How well trained are the people that will be working on your car and how much experience do they have, depending on the type of service needed? These are easy questions to ask and should be simple to answer for auto shop employees. Do not hesitate to ask about this if you are at all unsure about a particular shop.

It is good to know of a reliable shop ahead of time. You never know when an accident might happen or when you may be in a bind in regards to your car. This is arguably the most important piece of property you own, so it is best to know who to go to when it needs attention or maintenance. Start looking today and ask around for top notch car repair shops.

How the Internet and Auto Insurance Make a Great Couple

Since the invention of the internet we have all found that it is an information highway to the best products, services and competitive prices without having to make numerous telephone calls and making many wasted personal trips to find the service company providing what we are specifically looking for.

This especially applies to the important area of auto insurance policies and the ease the internet makes it for anyone to find the best auto insurance company to meet their varied needs. An auto insurance policy is not something we can look at, or browse around a store for, get specific information regarding a company’s overall rating in their type of business or to get an accurate comparison of prices. Therefore, the World Wide Web (WEB) has become a very important tool for a service oriented business such as auto insurance to provide potential clients the most comprehensive and accurate information they need regarding a service like this on the internet; thereby, making it possible for a potential client to be able to make an accurate decision regarding purchasing auto insurance and possibly chose their services.

It is to your benefit to be able to make meaningful and accurate comparisons regarding what each company is offering with their auto insurance. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing whether you are truly getting accurate cost comparisons from each insurance company. This may seem like you’re still shopping around but you can do this from the comfort of your own home and at your our particular speed.

You may have a specific need in your household. Say you have a teenager in your house that has reached the age in your state where he can learn to drive before actually being issued a permanent drivers license and you need to add them to your auto insurance policy. On the internet you will be able to distinguish which companies are increasing their policies for these young drivers without you realizing it by using such hidden techniques as classifying them as someone 16 years old or 18 years old, while others may up the age to 21 years old.

In the long run, the internet has made choosing the best auto insurance policy for you extremely easy and much less stressful to you while at the same time usually saving you hundreds of dollars. Now that you know how easy it is to find and compare service oriented companies, you may utilize this information in many other areas of your life.

How To Find The Best Auto Body Parts For Your Car

If you have ever had auto problems or problems with your car then you probably already know about simple car shops like advanced and the simple car shops like that. You will want to go to all your sources when you need auto body supplies you will want to go to all the stores that you can if you are looking for a certain part for your car. If one store doesn’t have it then you just need to go on and go to the next store. If you cannot find it in any of those kinds of stores then you just need to go to a junk yard because when you are looking for a car part that is the place to find them.

The other place that you might want to check out will be body shops in general. A body shop might have what you are looking for if it is body work that you need to do yourself. They will be able to help you find it or the parts you need if they do not have the parts or cannot sell you them. You will always get some help from going to an auto body shop. If you do not get help or find what you are looking for at an auto body shop then you are not going to find it anywhere else besides a junk yard.

So if you are still looking for an auto body part or just a body part for a car in general then you needs to go find a junk yard. Where you find a junk yard you find what you are looking for or at least something to make it work for a little while until you can buy a brand new part. When you go to a junk yard or if you have already been to one you will be amazed at how many cars you will see when you first get there. The whole point to a junk yard is that they bring the broke or junk car to the junk yard and then they just sell the parts out of the cars to make extra money to run the junk yard. So if you are ever looking for spare parts for a car you may just find yourself needing to visit a junk yard.

If you still cannot find the part that you are looking for then you need to turn to the internet. On the internet you will be able to find any part that you can think of for any car just about. You can find most import parts and domestic parts online you just go to a major search engine and type in the name of your part and or the make and brand of your car and then you will have results popping up on the computer screen. If you still cannot find parts after all the advice that was given to you here then you may need to look into updating. Are you in Cuba?

Car Service and Repair

The life of your vehicle solely depends on how you take care of it. When your car is in need of a service or repair choosing the right company that can deliver the best customer service at a reasonable price will extend your vehicles lifetime and reliability. Regularly scheduled and routine maintenance are essential for keeping your car running at its best. Oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes and other easy regular repairs will keep you from having to have expensive major repairs. If you skip out on maintenance you could be causing larger problems such as the breaking down of major engine components over time. Not taking proper care of your car could lead to costly repairs and even breaking down and being stuck on the side of the road.

It is important to always know when your car needs scheduled maintenance and to pay attention to any new noises or feelings when you are driving. Every mile that you put on your car as you drive it adds to the wear and tear and increased chances for something to go wrong or wear out on your vehicle. Belts begin to slip and wear thin; tires tread and rubber begin to break down. Shocks and struts start to wear out with each pot hole we unexpectedly hit on our daily commutes. Without repair, over time these small things can turn into more serious problems that affect your vehicles performance and lifetime. Finding the right car repair service will keep serious repairs from building up and maintain your vehicles longevity.

Because our vehicles are such an important part of our daily lives it is important to maintain their lifetimes and keep them performing at peak performance. A good car repair service provider will guarantee that your car is running at top performance and that you can keep up with regularly scheduled routine maintenance. A professional company can make sure that your car is running great and provide excellent service at affordable rates. Most car repair businesses offer almost all kinds of car maintenance services and repairs to fit most any budget. Whether your car has experienced a major system failure, air conditioning problems, steering and alignment, electronic problems, or any other type of problems, the right vehicle maintenance providers will offer a large list of broad services to meet your vehicles needs. Keeping your car on the road will make your life a lot easier, so find the right repair service today.

After an Auto Accident, Looking for a New Car?

After an auto accident, it may be perhaps, sadly or happily you are in the market for a new car. Looking for a new car can be quite an adventure. Most people are not aware that autos are available online through sources such as eBay and Government auctions who specialize who in seized cars, SUVs, and trucks from all over the world. Auctions are held to sell the cars and may be purchased offline as well as online.

The savings you experience can actually run up to the thousands. These auctions offer a wide variety of cars, makes, models and years. All of these type of sites offer valuable information about each one and becomes a virtual online mall for car shopping for men, women and teens. Some teens have been able to convince their parents to purchase their new car in just such a manner since the cars are greatly reduced.

One must do their due diligence, however, especially to check out the car’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number to ensure the car has not been previously involved in a auto accident such as you yourself just experienced since it may have sustained heavy body damage which could lead to future problems.

If you are a young person, it is best to take an older, more experienced individual with you to purchase your new auto. Friends are great and wonderful support, but older adults have purchased vehicles for years and know the pitfalls of buying a new or used car. So, take a trusted source of autos with you, ask a lot of questions, and pick out a new vehicle that will last you for a few years. After an auto accident, if your car is completely totalled, is a good time to take stock of what you really need in a car.

Tips on Buying Certified and Reliable Used Cars

No doubt you have made your mind up to buy a used car, after being sick of traveling on the bus everyday, to work or college, and you want to gain your independence. For whatever reason, you will want a car that will get you from one place to another and back again. More than likely, the route of getting a certified reliable used car will be the route that you want to go down.

There are many benefits to looking at certified used cars, and some people are opting to choose this type of car over buying a new model. Certified cars undergo rigorous testing, checking different parts of the car, to ensure that it is sound. They will check such things as the original engine parts and if any replacement parts have been added to the car since it was first registered – they will also check the wear and tear of these parts, to ensure that the car is consistent. The main things about this type of car is that is it will be more expensive than a typical car that you would buy from a friend or independent seller; if you are unsure of the inner workings of how a car works, then this could be a good option for you.

Certified cars also carry warranties, which means that previous work carried out on them, before it has been sold to you, will be of high quality and has to pass specified inspections, making this type of car more reliable. If you are looking to finance such a car from a dealership, or leasing company, then you will also find it a little easier for them to say yes to your deal, as they will be able to see that the car is going to last and has been given a suitable rating for it to last for the foreseeable future. More so, when you buy a used car with certification, you will be able to buy the make, model and colour of car that you want without the immediate depreciating value that a new one would cost you once you have driven it off the fore-court. When you are looking at certified cars, be sure to understand what is included and what each individual dealer believes to be checked and included in a certified used car, as some will not include certain areas of the car, whereas others will.

The main question you will want to have at the back of your mind, when you walk into a dealership then, is whether the car is actually certified and to what extent does this certification cover the car for you when you buy it. For a car to be certified it must pass a number of independent checks, the car must pass an inspection by an experienced and certified mechanic, it will need to be under 10 years old, not have more than 75,000 miles, and have been with the same owner for at least one year. However, you’ll find that many dealers will offer a 100 point inspection before selling the car to you.

When you are looking to buy a certified used car, you should remember some of the tips above and also know that you should go to a reliable dealership who has a good reputation for selling used cars. You should make sure that the information contained within the inspection you understand from each dealership, and that you are happy that such an inspection means that you shouldn’t have too many problems with your first used car.

How to Buy a Car at a Public Auto Auction

Professional auto dealers have been buying and selling at dealer only auto auctions for years. They enjoy the safely of having a clear and transferable title provided at the time of the purchase, as well as many other benefits. If this process is good for professional dealers…why aren’t you buying your car the same way?

Use an experienced, professional and licensed auction company

A car or truck requires a title to prove ownership prior to registering the vehicle to you by your state. A “clear title” means there is no loans or liens on the title. If there is a lien stated on the title, you must have a signed (and usually notarized) lien release from the lien holder. This can either be performed directly on the title itself, or with a separate lien release form. If you do not have the lien released, the lien Will remain on the title, and you will assume the responsibility of payment of that lien. Make sure the auction company understands title procedures. Their mistake will become your loss. Also, the auction company will normally collect all funds and disperse them to the seller and some other taxation recipients. Their failure to pay the funds may send you into a legal situation with the seller claiming ownership of the vehicle. As with any auction experience, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the auction and the purchase. You will be bound to them all by your participation in the auction.

What about financing the vehicle?

Normally, the seller will not provide any financing and the vehicle will require payment in full….most likely at the end of the auction. You will need to understand what the auction company will accept for payment. If you intend to finance the vehicle through your bank or some other 3rd party source, speak with the auction company days prior to the auction to find out if they will work with irrevocable bank letters of credit or any other arrangements. Quality public auctions will have a financing source on site for those buyers without their own source. You will be required to meet certain requirements to qualify, so speak with them days in advance.

Preview the vehicle

The auction company with allow you to look at the vehicle before the auction date. You will normally not be allowed to drive the vehicle due to liability and insurance reasons. You usually can her them run, check the air conditioning and other hands-on options and equipment. Look at the tires, the paint, the interior condition, under the car for leaks, under the hood for leaks, check for the spare tire and jack, notice any odors that may offend you (musty may reveal previous flood damage). This is your only chance to make sure you want the car. You will not be allowed to change your mind if you are the high bidder. The vehicles will be sold AS-IS and no bids may be rescinded. Ask the auction company if you can purchase a 3rd party warranty. This will protect you against large cost items such as engines and transmissions. You may hire a mechanic to come with you and check the vehicle out on preview day.

Protect Yourself From Auto Insurance Fraud And Abuse

Unfortunately, auto insurance fraud and abuse has been on the rise in recent years. Policyholders must be aware of the tricks and tactics that are being used to commit these acts to prevent them from becoming a victim themselves.

The sad fact is that every time a person is victimized by auto insurance fraud and false claims, the consumer winds up paying for it as their insurance premiums will rise to cover the losses. Therefore, it is a good idea to become aware of some of the common tricks that are presently being used by these dishonest individuals. Here are some tips to protect you from fraudulent activity if you become involved in an auto accident.

When you become involved in an auto accident, you should call your insurance company right away. Many of them will help you manage the details at the accident scene such as addressing the other driver, setting up a tow truck, getting you hooked up with their preferred body shop, and even arranging a rental car for you. This will keep you on a specific path as outlined by your insurance policy.

Be sure that you’re aware and know which body repair shops are approved by your insurance company. Most policies already have agreements in place with preferred vendors. As a result, repairs are guaranteed in the procedures are already in place to get your work paid for.

Be suspicious of any tow trucks that suddenly appear at the traffic scene. There are some tow drivers who are dishonest and are seeking out accidents in which to take advantage. These drivers are often affiliated with certain repair shops and other types of businesses involved in auto accidents.

Ensure that you keep very detailed records of all your medical treatments to include dates, locations, and the types of treatments received. In fact, any little expense that has resulted from your auto accident should be recorded and documented. Spend some time comparing your records against those from your insurance companies and make sure that the bills are accurate.

You must always carefully read anything that a ton truck driver, personal injury lawyer, or healthcare provider requests that you sign. And never ever sign any Blank insurance claim forms.